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Fishing is one of the three professions in Revolution.

To start fishing you need a Fishing Rod or a Mechanical Fishing Rod(obtainable from Water Dragon's loot), click on the water and wait until you catch a fish or a monster.

Your fishing skill increases the chance that you successfully catch a monster and as your fishing skill increases the loot and strengh of the monsters increases aswell.

It is a good way of generating tokens and gold.

The only type of "water tile" where you can fish is located inside the fishing island, which can be accessed via the Teleporter. Screenshot 44.png Screenshot 45.png

Fishing Creatures

Nemo.gif Nemo [Health: 250]

(Skill Required to Fish: 25)

{Possible Loot: Nothing}

Horatio.gif Horatio [Health: 600]

(Skill Required to Fish: 35)

{Possible Loot: Nothing}

Glut.gif Glut [Health: 1.350]

(Skill Required to Fish: 50)

{Possible Loot: Nothing}

Slimeball.gif Slimeball [Health: 2.800]

(Skill Required to Fish: 60)

{Possible Loot: Nothing}

Bad Dragon.gif Bad Dragon [Health: 6.000]

(Skill Required to Fish: 75)

{Possible Loot: Nothing}

Living Whirlwind.gif Living Whirlwind [Health: 14.000]

(Skill Required to Fish: 85)

{Possible Loot: Nothing}

Water Dragon.gif Water Dragon(Boss) [Health: 1.250.000]

(Skill Required to Fish: 100)

{Possible Loot: 0-3 Soul Tokens, 3 T6 Dungeon Tokens, 45 Crystal Coins, Mechanical Fishing Rod, George Fisher's Hat, George Fisher's Shirt, George Fisher's Shorts, George Fisher's Scarf, George Fisher's Padders.}

-->Please note that Fishes can also drop Game Tokens and Clear Tokens.