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Herbalism is one of the three professions in Revolution.

All you need to start harvesting is a botanist tool kit, which you can purchase from Dora. It costs 100k.

There are a few different herbs that may spawn within cities and spawns.

The materials collected from herbs can be used in Alchemy to brew potions.

T1 Herb.gif Tier 1 Herb

Can be Found Inside Low Level Monster Spawns: (Tunnelers, Giants, Sailors, Cannaleafs, ...)

(Skill Required to Collect: 0)

[Base Experience: 10]

{Possible Rewards: Platinum Coins, Blue-Eyed Grasses.}

T2 Herb.gif Tier 2 Herb

Cannot be Found?

(Skill Required to Collect: 5)

[Base Experience: 30]

{Possible Rewards: Crystal Coins, Spiked Roses.}

? Tier 3 Herb

Cannot be Found?

(Skill Required to Collect: 10)

[Base Experience: 50]

{Possible Rewards: Crystal Coins, Blue Sage Dusts.}