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Task System

In RevolutionOt tasks are essential to leveling and gathering game tokens, also a good way to earn crystal coins and Task points.

Every task delivered as a reward you get Task Points.

When you reach 91 Task Points, a new hunt area is unlocked.

You can start a Task talking to Taskigt in teleports zone, there are 2 task types.


Normal and Daily Tasks

Normal tasks can be done again a few hours after been completed, on the other hand, Daily task can be done once every 24 hours.

Every task has different amount of exp, gold, task points and game tokens.

To see which reward you will receive after finish, ask Taskigt Normal List and say the name of monsters you want to see.



Task Progress

By typing "!task" a window will appear with information about running tasks, showing monsters killed and how much is needed to finish, reward and the Task Status, Normal and daily are shown at the same window.


Task Rank

By typing !taskrank you can see your points and Rank


New Hunting Area

To pass through the door you need 91 task points.

After the door you can find new hunting grounds with new monsters that give more exp.