Task System

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Task System

In RevolutionOT tasks are essential to leveling and gathering game tokens, also a good way to earn crystal coins and Task points.

Every task gives you task points as a reward.

When you reach 91 Task Points, a new hunt area is unlocked. (South in Monsters teleport)

You can start a Task by talking to Taskigt in monsters area.




Everytask can be repeated 3 times per day.

Every task has different amount of exp, gold, task points and game tokens.

Active Tasks


Task Rewards

Task Progress

By typing "!task" a window will appear with information about your current tasks, your rank, task points & The amount of monsters you've killed.


Task Rank

By typing !taskrank you can your task Rank. Can also be seen while looking on yourself & others.


New Hunting Area

To pass through the door you need 91 task points.

After the door you can find new hunting grounds with new monsters that give more exp.