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There's currently three diffrent base vocations

  • Fighter
  • Magician
  • Archer

You get to choose one of the base vocation upon your character creation. Once you have completed Promotion quest you get to choose what Subvocation you want to play, based on what base vocation you picked upon character creation. There's 2 diffrent subvocations you can pick depending on what base vocation you picked. See the list below


You can not change your vocation!


Warrior Destroyer
Warrior is melee fighter that has alot of AoE capability and has the highest amount of health, perfect for tanking and AoE Grinding. Destroyer is the optimal melee fighter for wanting to do high burst damage with tons of buffs. Perfect if you want to be Squishy glass cannon melee fighter


Seer Archmage
Seer is a magical vocation which focuses on Ice, Earth Damage & Support spells. Archmage is a magical vocation which focuses on Fire, Energy & Death Damage


Marksman Raider
Marksman is the distance vocation which heavily focuses on Physical damage and Holy damage, and can tank decently. Raider is a distance vocation that uses throwing weapons.