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To take action will cost 100 occasions the wager. Packed filled with adrenaline-fuelled good times. The Spin Bonus is a good one, though you may not get many rounds to enjoy in the event you fail to match the utmost amount of 5 tiles, for less than three of the icons will get you 1 round. Once you’ve completed trying spherical the paytable return to the reels. If you’re searching for some fun that feels a bit extra acquainted, attempt our reel slots. AW-001 Apple: Apple Numerics Reference $29.Ninety five AW-002 Apple: Apple IIgs Hardware Reference $26.Ninety five AW-003 Apple IIe Tech Ref $24.Ninety five AW-006 Apple: Apple IIgs Toolbox Reference, Vol 2 $26.Ninety five AW-008 Apple: ImageWriter II Technical Ref $19.95 AW-010 Apple: Applesoft Tutorial (w/disk) $29.Ninety five AW-011 Apple: Programmer's Intro to IIgs (w/disk) $32.95 AW-014 Apple: Mac Human Interface Guidelines $29.95 AW-018 Apple: Technical Intro to the Apple IIgs $9.95 AW-019 Apple: Apple IIgs Toolbox Reference, Vol 1 $26.Ninety five AW-021 Apple: Applesoft Programmer's Reference $22.95 AW-022 Apple: Apple IIgs Firmware Reference $24.Ninety five AW-025 Apple: ImageWriter LQ Technical Ref $22.95 AW-026 Little: Exploring GS/OS and ProDOS eight $21.Ninety five AW-028 Apple: LaserWriter Reference $19.95 AW-030 Apple: Understanding Computer Networks $9.95 AW-035 Apple: Inside AppleTalk $34.Ninety five AW-036 Apple: Apple IIgs Toolbox Reference, Vol three $39.Ninety five AW-039 Myers: Graphics for the Apple II $9.95 AW-040 Critchfield/Dwyer: Bit of Applesoft $9.95 AW-041 Apple: Apple IIgs GS/OS Reference $28.Ninety five AW-043 Apple: Planning/Managing AppleTalk Nets $18.Ninety five BW-012 ByteWorks: Programmers Ref for Sys 6.0.1 $45.00 CB-005 Gookin/Davis: Mastering the IIgs Toolbox $19.95 CB-007 Gookin/Davis: Adv Prog Tech IIgs Toolbox $19.Ninety five DA-007 Apple: Apple IIc Tech Ref 2nd Ed $30.00 DA-008 Apple: Apple IIc Memory Card Reference $15.00 DA-009 Apple: Apple Memory Card (Slinky) Ref $15.00 DA-010 Apple: Apple SCSI Card Reference $15.00 DA-011 Apple: Video Overlay Card Developers Kit $19.00 DA-012 Apple: Apple II AppleShare Prog Guide $30.00 DA-012 Apple: Apple II AppleShare Prog Guide $30.00 DA-026 Apple: Apple IIgs Firmware Ref 3.Zero Update $12.00 DA-027 Apple: GS/OS Device Driver Reference $29.00 DA-041 Apple: Apple IIe/IIc Technical Notes $20.00 DA-042 Apple: Apple IIgs Technical Notes $30.00 DA-043 Apple: Miscellaneous Technical Notes $10.00 DA-046 Apple: Complete Set of Apple Tech.

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